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Acknowledgement to the donors
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Academia Medica Pragensis Foundation thanks all who have been contributing to its activities (the donors are listed in alphabetical order):

• prof. Richard Balon, USA Donations to the Foundation
• Jarka Borovičková, ČR Graphic works for the Foundation
• ing. Vlastimil Bárta, ČR Regular donations to the Foundation
Česká filharmonie, ČR Beneficial concert for the Foundation
• Doc. Marie Filipová, ČR Donation to the Foundation
prof. Cyril Höschl, ČR Long-term support of the Foundation
• Patrik Höschl, ČR Graphic works for the Foundation
MUCOS Pharma CZ, s.r.o., ČR General partner of the Czech Medical Academy for the year 2004 pro
Novartis s.r.o., ČR Partnership and co-operation with the Foundation (A. Alzheimer stipendiums and awards)
• Libor Pešek, ČR Consultation for the Foundation, Beneficial concert for the Foundation
• Květa Sojková, ČR Donation to the Foundation
• Blanka Schaumann, USA Donation to the Foundation (Zdenek Klein Award)
• Jitka Štenclová, ČR Art works for the Foundation
Zentiva a.s., ČR Nonpurpose donation to the Foundation
Donors, who donated to successful organization of particular project are listed on the relevant web site.
Academia Medica Pragensis Foundation, Řehořova 10, 130 00 Prague 3
Czech Rep., tel.: +420 222 811 191, fax: +420 222 811 181
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